Hellsing Ultimate

For over a century, the mysterious Hellsing Organization has been secretly protecting the British Empire from undead "freaks." When Sir Integra Hellsing succeeded as the head of the organization, she also inherited the ultimate weapon against these undead enemies, Alucard, a rogue vampire possessing mysterious and frightening powers. But now, Hellsing must deal with a more dangerous threat than vampires. Millennium. An organization of Nazi vampires of a long dead era. Will it be an all out war, or an all out blood bath?

TitleHellsing Ultimate
Original Titleヘルシング アルティメット
First Air DateFebruary 10th, 2006
Last Air DateDecember 26th, 2012
GenresAction & Adventure, Animation, Drama
Production CompaniesSATELIGHT, Graphinica, G.D.H., Geneon Entertainment, Madhouse
ProducerYasuyuki Ueda
Number of Seasons1 Seasons
Number of Episodes10 Episodes
Plot Keywordswar, london, england, nazi, police, vampire, christianity, shapeshifting, supernatural, secret organization, gore, horror, profanity, vampire hunter, remake, religion, gunfight, zombie, based on manga, massacre, violence, military, law and order, extrasensory perception, dark fantasy, seinen, contemporary, anime, antihero
Jouji Nakata
Jouji Nakata
Fumiko Orikasa
Fumiko Orikasa
Seras Victoria
Norio Wakamoto
Norio Wakamoto
Alexander Anderson
Motomu Kiyokawa
Motomu Kiyokawa
Walter C. Dornez
Nobuo Tobita
Nobuo Tobita
Herushingu Arutimetto
헬싱 얼티메이트
Хеллсинг OVA
Гелсінґ ОВА